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Ways to prevent premature ejaculation

The average male usually takes 8 minutes to climax if they chose to do so. While this is not technically defined as premature ejaculation it can be frustrating for a female partner, who may take a bit more time to get to the orgasm phase of intercourse.

Premature ejaculation of course, is a bigger issue, in that it can include a near inability to refrain from climaxing. For some men, the cause is medical. For them, a doctor will have to advise them on ways to combat the issue. For otherwise physically healthy males the issue could simply be a lack of education on how to control their seminal emissions upon sexual stimulation.

Specific exercises to prevent premature ejaculation

There are many individuals who can utilize preparation techniques that help them control the urge to come. One of the easiest and the fastest techniques to master is the art of preemptive masturbation. Prior to intercourse, slip away and masturbate. Since it takes a lot longer to come the second time, you will find that you have greater longevity once sex begins.

Of course situations may not always afford one the ability to orgasm prior to copulation. In this situation, impulse control would come in handy. Mastering this technique is a bit trickier but reaps the greatest benefits during lovemaking. It involves recognizing the signs that you are going to come and taking mental or physical preventative measures.

Ways your partner can help you prevent premature ejaculation

Your sex partner can also aid you in preventing premature ejaculation, particularly if she is familiar with the signs you exhibit when building to climax.

For instance, when you are about to come, you can pull out and have her squeeze the head of your penis to prevent the orgasm.

This squeeze method can be expanded via the use of Kegel exercises. These exercises utilize the muscles that control urine flow (PC muscles) to help you extend the life of your erection. It takes time, but once you learn to control your seminal flow you and your partner will have longer lasting sex that is satisfying for the both of you.

Easy ways to prevent premature ejaculation

With a proprietary blend of vitamins and emollients, the topical solution, Climaxagen is another way to help men with premature ejaculation problems. These sexual enhancement products act as a desensitizer, aiding you in cutting down the sensations that cause men to come too quickly.
Men with PE can employ many techniques to create more satisfying sex lives. Products like Climaxagen can be a part of that offering a solution that aids men in taking control of their sexuality so they can live their lives more fully.

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