Friday, February 27, 2009


Herbal Premature Ejaculation Cure

When it comes to sex, no man wants to encounter the dreaded harbinger of erotic death called premature ejaculation and yet millions of men do. Not only will this kill a romantic mood, it can decrease an interest in sex for both partners. More confusing than locating the cause of PE and finding a viable solution is the bevy of sexual enhancement products that are available that claim to help.

With so much information out there a man who suffers from chronic premature ejaculation dysfunction may find it difficult to know where to turn. In the end, the best bet would be to locate something that is made from the best all natural ingredients available.

Herbs that help combat premature ejaculation

For centuries, people with knowledge in organic medicines have known what kinds of herbs solve problems involving sexual dysfunctions like PE. For instance, the Chinese ginkgo biloba has been known to increase blood flow to the brain, hands, feet and genitals while Siberian Ginseng has a wide range of positive effects and can increase physical energy and stamina. This in turn aids in maintaining an erection the full duration of his lovemaking session.

Intensive study can also help an interested individual locate further information on a wide range of organic substances that curb premature ejaculation emissions, but just how beneficial are they?

Herbs aren’t a complete solution

Indeed, numerous herbal remedies can assist men who suffer with premature ejaculation, but they don’t directly solve the problem. Also, individuals have to keep in mind that just because something is herbal doesn’t mean it is good for you. Yohimbe for example, was able to produce amazing rock hard erections and stamina but with deadly consequences.

What is needed is a multipronged approach. After locating clinically tried and tested herbal supplements that are safe and effective, males need to also change the way the look at sex. It isn’t just about the climax itself but the enjoyment of all aspects of the act. Prolonging sex increases this enjoyment.

The use of a quality sexual enhancement cream that desensitizes the penis can help you achieve that goal.

Topical herbal creams that prevent premature ejaculation

Top desensitizers, like a product called Climaxagen, can help. What a cream like Climaxagen does is lessen the sensations the head of the penis experiences during intercourse. This I will enable a male to slowly build up to his climax, effectively prolonging the lovemaking session.

By looking at sex differently, checking out herbal supplements and using products like Climaxagen; premature ejaculation won’t be able to haunt your boudoir any longer and can effectively become a thing of the past.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How to Last Longer in Bed

One of the most common sexual dysfunctions in young males is premature ejaculation. With millions of men having this particular concern, there has been a recent movement to educate and instruct them on how to eradicate this particular problem. With this new information, men can take control of their sex lives and bring pleasure to their significant others. To begin however, they would need to investigate current techniques and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Training to help you last longer in bed

As with anything new, the first steps begin with training. When it comes to premature ejaculation, that training often encompasses a combination of behavioral therapy and physical exercises. Below are a few of the preliminary procedures one would employ to effectively eliminate PE.

Over time – examining the causes for your PE is essential to success. This will take time. Patience with the process will also be necessary as this can aid you in implementing the changes for success.

Slow build up – slow and steady wins the race and a slow build up helps you move through the phases of intercourse in a way where you can ascertain each one. For example, the arousal phase can quickly move into the excitement and climax phase if left unchecked. Prolonging arousal can help you maintain and direct your body’s signals.

Self-stimulation – self stimulation with or without a partner can help you control impulses to climax and with practice, can lead to greater longevity during sex.

Preventing premature ejaculation in bed

Of course the ultimate goal is to be able to prevent PE during the actual act. To do this, men can employ a couple of proven methods.

Stop and start

For this technique to work, a man has to identify when he is on the brink of orgasm. Once identified, the male should quickly remove his penis from all stimuli to keep the climax from occurring. Once the sensation has passed, the man can resume intercourse as he awaits the right time to bring his orgasm to fruition.

Squeeze technique

With this move, the man or his partner squeezes the head of his penis on the underside where it meets the shaft to prevent ejaculation. Upon waiting a few seconds, intercourse can resume. This process can be repeated until simultaneous orgasm occurs.

Topical solution for lasting longer

Men can also use things like Climaxagen, a sexual desensitizer, to help them maintain longevity. The ingredients in Climaxagen are specially formulated to lessen the sensations that occur during sex that can cause a premature ejaculatory response.

There are hundreds of ways to reduce premature ejaculation, and for a healthy male, a combination of sexual enhancement techniques and products like Climaxagen can help.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Preventing premature ejaculation

Most men who suffer through bouts of chronic premature ejaculation believe there is little they can do about it. The fact is, any man who suffers from chronic premature ejaculation that isn’t medically related can prolong sexual stamina; all it takes is a bit of self education, discipline and will to succeed.

Training for preventing premature ejaculation

Suffering through chronic premature ejaculation can be frustrating and embarrassing but there are real solutions that can aid you in eradicating the problem forever. The steps involved will require even greater patience but the pay off in the end will be big for both you and your partner.

  • Over time -- the most important thing to bear in mind as you train is that it will take time to master the techniques necessary to stop premature ejaculation. Give yourself the time you need to physically and mentally master this problem and you will have a greater probability of long term success.

  • Slow build up – slowing down and taking a “stroll” towards the gold is better than rapid fire stroking. Not only will this help you connect with your partner and take cues from her but you will be made aware of your body’s own signals.
  • Self-stimulation – auto eroticism and masturbation can be employed with an eye towards training an d can help you obtain the control you need. When stroking the penis, start slowly making sure to stop every time you feel the impulse to come. This will lead to greater longevity during sexual intercourse.

Preventing premature ejaculation in bed

Now, singular training and doing it with a live human being are two very different situations. If you find yourself growing extremely excited remember that sex is about mutual pleasure and getting the most out of the experience, not simply “getting off.”

With this in mind, there are a couple of techniques that can help you prevent PE during the actual act of sex itself.

  • Stop and start. With this method, a man strokes until he feels the urge to come and then rapidly pulls out to stop the intense sensations. Once the feelings subside, the man can reintroduce his penis, repeating this move until he finally decides to complete his orgasm.

  • Squeeze technique. With this technique a man actually physically squeezes the end of his penis (where the head meets the shaft of this organ) for approximately 30 seconds or so until the desire to come ebbs. This is repeated until one desires to fully climax.

When sensations subside, sex can resume once more. Alongside these tried and true techniques, the use of an applied sexual enhancement cream that desensitizes the penis head can aid in preventing premature ejaculation bouts.

Topical premature ejaculation prevention

Luckily, desensitizing products like Climaxagen are clinically designed to help a man reduce the sensation in the glans of the penis. This in turn enables him to last longer. Intense enjoyment can be had by both the man and his partner when lovemaking is prolonged. Sexual enhancement techniques alongside the use of creams like Climaxagen can aid a couple in the achievement of that goal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Three Premature Ejaculation Solutions

Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects millions of men, but because of its nature, the problem is rarely spoken about. This creates a feedback loop of embarrassment and despair that can decrease interest in sex. Men who truly wish to combat this issue and enjoy lovemaking sessions once again can employ a number of techniques to ensure not only his own pleasure, but his partner’s as well.

Behavioral premature ejaculation solution: impulse control

Combating PE begins with a change in mindset, starting with controlling the desire to release. Easier said than done right? Not really. Sex is a pleasurable experience for all men and yet some can go for hours while many have a hard time getting out of the starting gate. Barring any medical conditions, there is no reason why a healthy male can’t master the ability to maintain an erection for a substantial amount of time.

The first part if this challenge is to identify the main problem which is, of course, the intensity of the physical stimulation. Some men believe that thinking about other things will aid them in maintaining their erections but this can actually be counterproductive.

Instead of tuning out, focus on what you are feeling and try to master those sensations. One way to do this is to hone in on how wonderful it would be to prolong the sensations reflect on that detail, not on the end game.

By concentrating on your pleasure you will identify the “build up” that occurs prior to a climax which can actually stop it from happening. Making sounds or talking to you lover can help as well as it can aid you in keeping the goal of mutual satisfaction on your mind.

Stop and Start Method

Whether used during coitus or an actual masturbation session, the stop and start method will end premature ejaculation in its tracks. The technique, as the name implies, involves coming close to orgasm and stopping until the sensation passes. Sometimes you can use your hand and stop the impulse. Once it does you can resume normal sexual activity. Not only will you last longer, but your climaxes will become more intense!

If you practice the stop and start technique during masturbation, you will increase in your stamina and the rigidity of your actual erection too.

Topical creams solve premature ejaculation

Using these techniques in conjunction with a sexual enhancement product like a desensitizing cream can help you achieve the results you want. Products like desensitizing Climaxagen, helps dull the sensations felt during intercourse helping the excitement phase build more slowly and prolonging the sex act.

Unlike many desensitizing creams, Climaxagen also provides a fuller stronger erection, a side benefit that is sure to please the significant other. Premature ejaculation is a problem that can be successfully eradicated with a little discipline, some strategy and the use of sexual enhancement products like Climaxagen.

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