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How To Last Longer During Sex

How To Last Longer During Sex

Even if they do not suffer from premature ejaculation, many men are concerned about being able to last longer during sex. The ability to satisfy a sexual partner is a huge concern for most men; indeed, many of them base a great deal of their self confidence on their performance in the bedroom. Performing a simple online search clearly demonstrates the popularity of this topic; there are thousands of websites that provides tips about how to last longer during sex. Although there are some medications and supplements that claim to help, there are also many specific strategies that can be experimented with as well. Men who wish to last longer during sex should be willing to try out a few different things in order to determine what works for them.

How To Last Longer During Sex Tip #1: Focus On Her Pleasure

A huge part of being able to last longer during sex is training yourself to think differently during the act. As such, focusing on the woman's pleasure is a really good way to take your mind off of your own climax. Making sure that your partner achieves a climax first can help you last a lot longer, and it can help boost your confidence regarding your prowess in the bedroom. The way that you think has a lot to do with being able to last longer during sex; focusing only on your own orgasm is a surefire way to finish sooner than you want to. Begin trying to think only about making your sexual partner satisfied, and in no time you will see that you can last longer during sex much of the time.

How To Last Longer During Sex Tip #2: Try Different Positions

If you always use the same position when having intercourse, your body can get so used to it that you end up finishing a lot sooner than you want to. A great way to try to last longer during sex is experimenting with a lot of different positions. Although these different positions can keep things exciting, they don't necessary make you orgasm sooner. In fact, many positions allow a man to last longer during sex due to their very nature; having a partner switch places with you, for example, can create an entirely different sensation than your usual position does. This new sensation can provide a great opportunity to last longer during sex.

How To Last Longer During Sex Tip#3: Try Climaxagen Cream

Many men experience amazing results by using the premature ejaculation cream Climaxagen. They find that this cream - which is applied directly to the penis - helps them last longer during sex more often than any other product. Particularly when compared with the broad range of pills available for treating premature ejaculation today, Climaxagen has consistently positive effects on the condition. Because it is applied topically, men who are sensitive to taking medications, supplements or pills of any kind can use Climaxagen without worry.

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