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How to stop premature ejaculation

There's no need to continue to suffer from premature ejaculation. There are several ways to stop premature ejaculation. These range from at-home solutions to over-the-counter products.

A comprehensive course of action to stop premature ejaculation may involve all of the recommendations outlined below. Also remember that a visit to your doctor may be in order. Your doctor may be able to make recommendations much more specific to your lifestyle and family history, and give you a comprehensive course of action for how to stop premature ejaculation.

How to stop premature ejaculation: physical methods

There are three simple physical methods that can be used during intimacy to help forestall premature ejaculation. One of these methods may prove more successful than the others, so men should be willing to try each of these three methods to determine which helps them stop premature ejaculation.

1. The pull

A simple solution to premature ejaculation. Immediately before orgasm, a man's testicles retract slightly up, toward the body. Ejaculation can be delayed by gently grasping the testicles and pulling the downward, back toward their normal position.

Please note that this premature ejaculation solution, like the squeeze-and-stop method below, works best if both partners are trained in its use.

2. The squeeze-and-stop

Pioneered by early sexologists Masters and Johnson, the squeeze-and-stop method of stopping premature ejaculation requires the cooperation of both partners. When the male partner feels himself nearing ejaculation, both partners stop engaging in sexual activity. The man squeezes his tightly, just under the glans. This will not only prevent ejaculation but will also cause the man to partially lose his erection.

After a calm-down moment, intimacy can recommence. But when the man nears ejaculation, again the partners stop and the man should squeeze his penis until the imminent ejaculation is postponed.

The purpose of this set of exercises is to train men to recognize the sensations of his body and to delay ejaculation until he and his partner are ready for it.

3. Prostate push

Another simple physical technique, the prostate push is easily accomplished by either partner during intercourse.

Before a man ejaculates, his prostate gland moves slightly downward, toward the floor of the pelvis. By gently pressing on the perineum (the strip of spongy tissue between the testicles and the anus) about 2/3 of the way toward the anus, the prostate can be nudged back into its non-ejaculatory position. This creates an immediate reduction in the urgency of ejaculation and can be repeated as necessary. Additionally, it's much easier to perform than either of the other premature ejaculation solutions above.

Stop premature ejaculation with desensitizing creams

Men around the world use desensitizing creams to stop premature ejaculation. These creams are available over-the-counter, they work fast, and deliver exceptional results.

In our practice we recommend the desensitizing cream Climaxagen to men who complain of premature ejaculation. It uses top-quality ingredients and does not affect the partner's experience (some desensitizing creams have the unwanted side effect of rendering a woman's vagina numb).

If you're seeking a way to stop premature ejaculation, we recommend learning to use the techniques outlined above and combine these with a top-quality desensitizing cream like Climaxagen. This combination will work for you.

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