Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Premature Ejaculation Pills - Do They Work?

Premature Ejaculation Pills - Do They Work?

Any man who has had issues regarding premature ejaculation is probably willing to try just about anything to deal with the problem. Although there are many popular strategies for dealing with premature ejaculation, there is no doubt that premature ejaculation pills are incredibly popular. Their effectiveness seems to vary from man to man, though. Some men find that sexual therapy helps them the most with this condition; others discover that premature ejaculation pills are far better than anything else they have tried. The trick to dealing with premature ejaculation seems to be a willingness to try many different things.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

There is no specific length of time that denotes or signifies premature ejaculation; rather, premature ejaculation is when a man doesn't last as long as he wants to. Usually, though, men who suffer from it last about a minute or two. It can be extremely embarrassing for a man to have this problem; that's why there are so many premature ejaculation pills on the market. In addition to other strategies, premature ejaculation pills are designed to help a man last longer in bed. Many men who try premature ejaculation pills find that they work very well.

Pills For Premature Ejaculation

Although many doctors prescribe antidepressants like Prozac to men who suffer from premature ejaculation, there is an understandable reluctance by some men to taking prescription medications unless absolutely necessary. Therefore, all natural premature ejaculation pills are incredibly popular. These supplements combine many different natural ingredients that each contribute to preventing premature ejaculation. Many men find that these sorts of premature ejaculation pills are tremendously helpful for the condition. There are many different formulas available for premature ejaculation pills; the best way to find a suitable kind is by trying a few different varieties.

Premature Ejaculation Pill Ingredients

A lot of different ingredients may be used in popular premature ejaculation pills. However, three primary ingredients are used in the majority of them: L-arginine, lecithin and niacin. Lecithin is used in many premature ejaculation pills because it promotes the production of testosterone in the body; testosterone is believed to help improve longevity in the bedroom. L-arginine is also commonly found in premature ejaculation pills because it helps produce nitric oxide which supplies blood to the penis. Finally, niacin is believed to help keep the blood vessels open, facilitating blood flow and helping men last longer in bed.

Best Premature Ejaculation Pill

Finding the best premature ejaculation pill is usually a process of trial and error for most men. Sometimes, the first premature ejaculation pill that a man tries works perfectly; other times, he has to try many different brands before he finds a combination that works for him. In many cases, pills simply don't work at all. In fact, most men find that Climaxagen - a premature ejaculation cream - works better than anything else. With Climaxagen, the results are more pronounced and long lasting when compared to a broad range of premature ejaculation pills.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature ejaculation cures are in high demand among men who suffer from this frustrating condition. There are large number of different products on the market today which claim to help provide effective premature ejaculation cures; however, every man is different. Therefore, what works for one patient might not work for another. The best strategy is to experiment with as many premature ejaculation cures as possible. Doing so will help a man find the most effective means of controlling their problem. Premature ejaculation cures truly do come in a broad range, and men have a large variety of options to choose from.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

In terms of premature ejaculation cures, there are many different sorts of pills which are purported to help men out with this issue. Many doctors and sexual therapists consider this to be largely a mental issue; as such, they may prescribe various types of antidepressants as premature ejaculation cures. It is important to bear in mind, though, that there are just as many doctors and therapists who believe the issue to be more physical than mental; in such cases, premature ejaculation cures tend to involve things like creams as opposed to pills. Also, there are many herbal supplement pills available today that are marketed as being premature ejaculation cures; there is no harm in experimenting with these, and many men find them to be a great type of premature ejaculation cure. No matter what, though, each man needs to be treated as an individual; those leery of pills should be encouraged to try another technique altogether.

Desensitizing Creams For Premature Ejaculation

Many men find desensitizing creams, gels and ointments to be effective premature ejaculation cures. If the problem tends to be purely physical, these sorts of treatments can be tremendously helpful. They are applied directly to the penis, and act to numb the area up to a certain degree. This type of premature ejaculation cure is widely used and is preferred by many men. However, some men find that it works to numb things up a bit too much; this can have the equally undesirable effect of creating erection problems. Men who are interested in this type of premature ejaculation cure should certainly give it a try, but should also keep in mind that it does not work for everyone.

Premature Ejaculation Herbs And Ingredients

Many types of herbs and other ingredients are popularly used as premature ejaculation cures. Maca extract - extracted from a type of radish - is commonly used to increase sexual desire in men and women; it's also frequently turned to as a premature ejaculation cure. Yohimbe - a type of bark extract - is another alternative premature ejaculation cure; it is believed to work best with patients whose premature ejaculation is primarily caused by the mind. Finally, L-arginine - an amino acid which occurs naturally within the human body - is often taken in supplement form as a type of premature ejaculation cure; many men claim to achieve great success in using it.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


How To Last Longer In Bed

How To Last Longer In Bed

For many men, premature ejaculation is an all too familiar problem to deal with in the bedroom. No man wants to have a sexual encounter cut short by ejaculating far too quickly; it is not only embarrassing, but it can severely affect a man's confidence and reduce his partner's pleasure and satisfaction. Luckily, there are many tips for lasting longer in bed. The trick to it is trying as many different strategies as possible. Men looking to last longer in bed and to curb premature ejaculation should try out some of the following tips.

Lasting Longer In Bed Tip #1: Masturbation Control

Masturbation is a great time to get in practice in lasting loner in bed. Rather than doing it with orgasm as the end goal, do it with your partner's satisfaction in mind instead. Switching your mindset around in this way can really help you psychologically master premature ejaculation. Men who want to last longer in bed are encouraged to masturbate simply to see how long they can make it last. When treating men who are suffering from premature ejaculation, many doctors also recommend this practice. It can be excellent training for the "real thing".

Lasting Longer In Bed Tip #2: Squeeze

A good tip for controlling premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse is to squeeze just below the head of your penis. Exerting this kind of pressure can help ward of premature ejaculation, helping you last longer in bed. By trying this technique out from time to time, you should become quite adept at it; many men find that doing this makes a significant difference in their premature ejaculation troubles. As you well know, most men will try practically anything to last longer in bed; therefore, this technique is a time tested method worth checking out.

Lasting Longer In Bed Tip #3: Kegel Exercises

A great way to help lessen the likelihood and occurrence of premature ejaculation is by routinely doing Kegel exercises. To do this exercise, the best way to get a feel for it is to stop then release - and repeat - urination. This will make you aware of those muscles, and can help you last longer in bed. Many men who begin doing these exercises report that their incidences of premature ejaculation lessen considerably. Lasting longer in bed might take many techniques in combination, and Kegel exercises are excellent ways to work on premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, many men begin sexual therapy where they are given different methods of controlling their premature ejaculation. If these sorts of techniques fail to yield good results, some men are prescribed antidepressant medications like Prozac to help with the symptoms. Often, such methods do help men last longer in bed, and can reduce the effects of premature ejaculation. Truly, though, each man is different and it is important that he try as many strategies as possible in order to last longer in bed and have a more satisfying sex life.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Premature Ejaculation: What Is It?

Premature Ejaculation: What Is It?

One of the most frustrating sexual problems that a man can experience is premature ejaculation. This is a problem that causes men to ejaculate within a minute or two of beginning various kinds of sexual activities. For men, this can be very embarrassing, making them unable to satisfy their partner in bed. Premature ejaculation is very common, however. There are many different strategies that can be used to help control premature ejaculation; some of them are prescribed by physicians, some of them are simple tips or tricks that can be tried out on an ongoing basis to help control the problem.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates more quickly - or sooner - than he or his sexual partner would like. It can be a major source of embarrassment and frustration for a man, but it is also one of the most common sexual complaints among men. Premature ejaculation may occur in up to one in three men. Different factors - including psychological and biological ones - can cause premature ejaculation. One of the keys to putting an end to it - or lessening its occurrence - is determining where the problem stems from.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

Biological and/or psychological factors might be responsible for a man's premature ejaculation problems. On the physical side of the equation, many brain chemicals and neurotransmitters are often considered to be behind this sexual problem. Psychologically, premature ejaculation might be the result of a man's depression, anxiety or other common mental health issues. The problem can become a vicious circle of sorts, where a man becomes more aware of his premature ejaculation, prompting it to occur all the more frequently. This problem can be definitively diagnosed by a doctor, and treatment options can be explored.

Premature Ejaculation Cures And Treatments

There are many different types of potential cures and treatments for premature ejaculation. Sexual therapy is one of the most popular among these. This is where a man consults with a sexual therapist who advises him on different strategies for reducing the occurrence of premature ejaculation. There are also many different medications used in attempts to curb premature ejaculation. Antidepressants are often prescribed; there are also many types of topical creams and ointments which many men believe help them with their problem. Successfully treating premature ejaculation varies from individual to individual, and usually requires a bit of experimentation.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

One of the most common treatments for premature ejaculation are pills. There are many dietary supplements that come in pill form and that claim to reduce the occurrence of premature ejaculation. However, it is far more common for a man to be prescribed Prozac or another sort of antidepressant pill to help control the condition. There are also various types of herbal pills that purport to control premature ejaculation; since they are made up of all natural ingredients, there is little risk in experimenting with them - many men do feel that they achieve good results with them.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Climaxagen Climax Delay Cream

Climaxagen Climax Delay Cream

Climaxagen is an all-natural topical cream created to improve the quality of a man’s erection. Not only is it supposed to make men harder and longer, but it’s also supposed to help stave off premature ejaculation. And with some studies showing 3 out of 10 men suffer from premature ejaculation, the importance of controlling this condition is clear.
So, does Climaxagen live up to its claims? Does Climaxagen really work? Read this review of the premature ejaculation treatment to find out.

Premature Ejaculation

The makers of Climaxagen tackle the problem of premature ejaculation by using proven herbs in their formula. A few ingredients included in this product are L-arginine, isopropyl myristate, lecithin, niacin, and ADCE. The use of these herbs dates back centuries to ancient Chinese cultures where herbs were used to aid in improving sexual performance. Climaxagen captures the power of these herbs in its all-natural premature ejaculation cream.

Control Premature Ejaculation with Climaxagen

With 30% of men suffering from premature ejaculation, the market needs a treatment that actually works and that doesn’t require a costly prescription. It seems Climaxagen Climax Delay Cream is that treatment. Some tests have found that 95% of those using this product have been able to control premature ejaculation with Climaxagen. More importantly, since the product helps fight premature ejaculation, men are more confident and able to perform their best.

Does Climaxagen Work?

In a word, yes. Climaxagen really does work. The reason this premature ejaculation treatment is so successful is because of its ingredients. Unlike other products, Climaxagen cream doesn’t stuff hundreds of ingredients in their formula, thus watering down each component. Instead, Climaxagen contains a balanced mixture of herbs, allowing each ingredient to enact its benefits.
For anyone looking for an all-natural premature ejaculation treatment, we recommend trying Climaxagen. It’s the most effective male enhancement product on the market today!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Free Exercises For Premature Ejaculation

There are several exercises that can be practiced daily that will help to prevent premature ejaculation. The first exercise (the male version of the Kegel exercise) is completely discreet and can be done at virtually any time.

The second premature ejaculation exercise is much more time-consuming and involves self-stimulation. This exercise can be practiced with a partner after a certain amount of control has been gained.

These free exercises for premature ejaculation can be performed daily. Within a few weeks of practicing these exercises, a noticeable decrease in premature ejaculation will be noted.

Premature ejaculation exercise 1: flexing the PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle (which we will henceforth call the "PC muscle") is shaped like a hammock and stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx, or vestigial tailbone, at the back of the pelvis. The PC muscle has two major functions: controlling urine flow and orgasmic contractions. When the PC muscle is contracted, the penis will move upward in response.

During orgasm, the PC muscle is responsible for ejaculation. The intense series of pulsations a man feels during orgasm are caused by the PC muscle. (Interestingly enough, women have a PC muscle as well -- which also contracts during orgasms.) These contractions are involuntary.

To help prevent premature ejaculation, the PC muscle should be exercised daily. Exercising the PC muscle is simple. The first step is simply to isolate the PC muscle. This is most easily accomplished during urination. While urinating, attempt to stop yourself in mid-stream. The muscle you tense to accomplish this is the PC muscle.

To exercise, simply practice flexing the PC muscle. Vary this simple flex-and-relax with flex-and-hold. A recommended exercise regimen is:

  • PC flex-and-relax: 3 sets of 15 repetitions each, twice per day.
  • PC flex-and-hold for 10 seconds: 1 set of 15 repetitions, twice per day.
Within 2-3 weeks of these daily exercises, you will experience the following benefits:
  • Ability to delay orgasm by clenching the PC muscle during sex
  • Increased forcefulness of ejaculation (ejaculate travels farther)
  • Increased orgasmic intensity
With continued practice, it is possible for some men to delay ejaculation indefinitely and last as long as they want to during sex.

Premature ejaculation exercise 2: the stroking technique

This exercise helps men to prevent premature ejaculation by familiarizing themselves with their bodies and the sensations they experience leading up to ejaculation. This exercise involves masturbation, and some men may be uncomfortable with this. (Note that this is a solitary variation on the Masters and Johnson "start-and-stop" technique.)

Here's how this premature ejaculation exercise works:

Step 1: Stroke yourself
Start by stroking your erect penis with a gentle, up-and-down motion. This is preferred because this sort of stimulation feels the most like actual intercourse. Try not to pay attention to anything but the sensations arising in your penis and pelvis during stimulation.

Step 2: Pay attention to what you feel
As you approach ejaculation, you'll notice the particular sensations you feel. There is a gentle flutter sometimes described as a "tickling" sensation felt just before ejaculation. When you feel this sensation, you'll know that ejaculation is imminent.

Once you recognize the tickling sensation, you can pay attention to the feelings leading up to it. This allows you to focus on the feelings that occur before ejaculation, when it's still possible to slow down and/or stop yourself.

Step 3: Continue to analyze your pre-ejaculation sensations
When masturbating, continue to pay attention to the way your body feels immediately before you ejaculate. Do this for up to one week.

Step 4: Stop and start
Now while masturbating, bring yourself to the brink of orgasm. When you're there, stop stimulating yourself for at least 15 seconds. You'll feel the levels of excitement in your body decrease. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm again, but don't ejaculate. Continue this for 5-6 repetitions before you let yourself orgasm.

Step 5: Increase the ejaculation delay
As in step 4 above, but continue to increase the number of times you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm before allowing yourself to reach orgasm.

Once you feel comfortable with this routine, you can bring in your partner. You may involve your partner in your exercises, or you may prefer to engage in sex play instead.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


How to stop premature ejaculation

There's no need to continue to suffer from premature ejaculation. There are several ways to stop premature ejaculation. These range from at-home solutions to over-the-counter products.

A comprehensive course of action to stop premature ejaculation may involve all of the recommendations outlined below. Also remember that a visit to your doctor may be in order. Your doctor may be able to make recommendations much more specific to your lifestyle and family history, and give you a comprehensive course of action for how to stop premature ejaculation.

How to stop premature ejaculation: physical methods

There are three simple physical methods that can be used during intimacy to help forestall premature ejaculation. One of these methods may prove more successful than the others, so men should be willing to try each of these three methods to determine which helps them stop premature ejaculation.

1. The pull

A simple solution to premature ejaculation. Immediately before orgasm, a man's testicles retract slightly up, toward the body. Ejaculation can be delayed by gently grasping the testicles and pulling the downward, back toward their normal position.

Please note that this premature ejaculation solution, like the squeeze-and-stop method below, works best if both partners are trained in its use.

2. The squeeze-and-stop

Pioneered by early sexologists Masters and Johnson, the squeeze-and-stop method of stopping premature ejaculation requires the cooperation of both partners. When the male partner feels himself nearing ejaculation, both partners stop engaging in sexual activity. The man squeezes his tightly, just under the glans. This will not only prevent ejaculation but will also cause the man to partially lose his erection.

After a calm-down moment, intimacy can recommence. But when the man nears ejaculation, again the partners stop and the man should squeeze his penis until the imminent ejaculation is postponed.

The purpose of this set of exercises is to train men to recognize the sensations of his body and to delay ejaculation until he and his partner are ready for it.

3. Prostate push

Another simple physical technique, the prostate push is easily accomplished by either partner during intercourse.

Before a man ejaculates, his prostate gland moves slightly downward, toward the floor of the pelvis. By gently pressing on the perineum (the strip of spongy tissue between the testicles and the anus) about 2/3 of the way toward the anus, the prostate can be nudged back into its non-ejaculatory position. This creates an immediate reduction in the urgency of ejaculation and can be repeated as necessary. Additionally, it's much easier to perform than either of the other premature ejaculation solutions above.

Stop premature ejaculation with desensitizing creams

Men around the world use desensitizing creams to stop premature ejaculation. These creams are available over-the-counter, they work fast, and deliver exceptional results.

In our practice we recommend the desensitizing cream Climaxagen to men who complain of premature ejaculation. It uses top-quality ingredients and does not affect the partner's experience (some desensitizing creams have the unwanted side effect of rendering a woman's vagina numb).

If you're seeking a way to stop premature ejaculation, we recommend learning to use the techniques outlined above and combine these with a top-quality desensitizing cream like Climaxagen. This combination will work for you.

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