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Scientific solutions to the PE problem

The good news is, premature ejaculation does not appear to be a psychological disorder. This means that solutions directed at the body can help in the absence of lengthy and expensive therapy and counseling sessions.

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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Different people define premature ejaculation in different ways. For some, it happens any time you climax before your partner is able to; for others, it is only a problem if it occurs more than fifty percent of the time. Either way, stopping premature ejaculation is a top priority for men who suffer from it.

There are many different ways to stop premature ejaculation, including pills, therapy and topical creams. While a product might work to stop premature ejaculation in one person, though, it may have no benefits for another. The trick to stopping premature ejaculation, then, is finding out what works for you.

What causes premature ejaculation

Before stopping premature ejaculation effectively, you need to figure out why it's happening in the first place. Many times, psychological factors play a major role in the problem. Men suffering from depression often have trouble lasting long in bed. To stop premature ejaculation, you often need to get to the bottom of any existing psychological problems. Sometimes, physiological factors are to blame for an inability to last long in bed. Brain chemistry plays a big role, and figuring out any problems with brain chemicals can help stop premature ejaculation in a significant number of men.

Stopping premature ejaculation

There is no single way to stop premature ejaculation; if there was, every single man who ever had a problem with it would be using it. Instead, stopping premature ejaculation requires a lot of assessment and experimentation. Many men find that the best way to stop premature ejaculation is by using a combination of proven strategies and pills or topical delay creams. By implementing a couple of different approaches, a lot of men achieve success in stopping premature ejaculation and therefore are able to last longer in bed.

Stopping premature ejaculation with delay creams and gels

Many men use delay creams and gels to stop premature ejaculation and have fantastic results. Delay creams in many ways is the most effective way to control and even prevent premature ejaculation. Creams are also much safer than pills or other methods that aren't as proven and tested like creams are.

While all delay creams are not created equally, it's really easy to spot the one's that don't work. A good premature ejaculation will have proven and effective ingredients like lecithin, niacin (as a natural testosterone booster), L-Arginine for circulation to the penis for rock-hard erections, Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester, and Isopropyl Myristate.

To stop premature ejaculation effectively, you need to look for a product that incorporates all of these ingredients - a good choice that many men have reported success with is Climaxagen cream.

Premature ejaculation pills

Premature ejaculation pills are supposed to be one of the hottest and most popular ways to control and stop premature ejaculation -- but buyer beware - pills are often the worst way to prevent premature ejaculation, for several reasons.

For one, premature ejaculation pills can be costly. Pills also come with some staggering side-effects like tremors, chills, headaches, and even full erectile dysfunction. A little counterproductive, right?

Secondly, pills have to be swallowed and then digested. That means 1. you won't be getting the full effects of the ingredients (if the proven ingredients mentioned above are even included), and 2., you'll have to wait to see results.

Creams are superior because you can rub it right on and then get straight to business.

While some doctors prescribe antidepressants to help with the problem of p.e., many men find that creams with natural ingredients work even better at stopping premature ejaculation. To see which product worked best to stop premature ejaculation, check out the product reviews.