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Scientific solutions to the PE problem

The good news is, premature ejaculation does not appear to be a psychological disorder. This means that solutions directed at the body can help in the absence of lengthy and expensive therapy and counseling sessions.

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Control Premature Ejaculation

Having issues with your staying power in bed can be devastating to your male psyche. Many men who have problems with premature ejaculation control actively look for solutions to their problem. There are many products, treatments, strategies and techniques out there to cure premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, many of them don't work or even make the problem worse. At the same time, there is no single, magic way to achieve effective premature ejaculation control. What works for one man simply may not work for another.

Most sexual therapists recommend a combination of things to get the best premature ejaculation control possible; these usually include therapy, strategies, exercises and medication. By keeping an open and mind and being willing to try different things, you stand a much better chance of achieving real premature ejaculation control and of improving your sex life.

Premature ejaculation exercises

There are many different techniques that are commonly recommended for premature ejaculation control. One of the most common ones is an exercise that involves strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle - also known as the PC muscle. Most men don't even know where their PC muscle is, or that they even have one, but whenever you stop and start urinating, that is the muscle responsible. Working out this muscle can help you control premature ejaculation, and working it out is very easy. You basically need to mimic what you would do to interrupt the flow of urine, and do this over and over again. By doing this a little bit every day, you can achieve excellent premature ejaculation control and can become much more confident in the bedroom; if it doesn't work, though, there are other options. Learn more about premature ejaculation exercises.

Controlling premature ejaculation with pills

When basic exercises, therapy and other strategies fail to control premature ejaculation, many men start looking at pills for the answer to their woes. There are many different pills available to help control premature ejaculation. Some of them are prescription grade, but there are many natural, herbal remedies available as well. In fact, most men find that herbal remedies are vastly superior to prescription medications since they don't cause side effects and do not require a prescription.

If you'd like to try out pills to achieve premature ejaculation control, start off by exploring some natural remedies. Most likely, you'll find that such supplements are excellent options when it comes to genuine premature ejaculation control.

Climax control tips

Beyond pills and exercises for trying to achieve premature ejaculation control, there are a few tried and true tips that you can try out when you're in bed. For one thing, instead of focusing on your climax as the be all, end all of any sexual encounter, try making your partner's pleasure your focus. Many men find that they are able to achieve premature ejaculation control by shifting the focus off of themselves and onto their partner.

Trying different positions during lovemaking can also help a lot when it comes to premature ejaculation control, so experiment a little and see what it does for you.

Control premature ejaculation with climax delay cream

Many men have found that using climax delay cream is the best way to control premature ejaculation. With premature ejaculation cream, the ingredients go to work right away, where you need it, when you need it. Learn more about climax delay cream.