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Scientific solutions to the PE problem

The good news is, premature ejaculation does not appear to be a psychological disorder. This means that solutions directed at the body can help in the absence of lengthy and expensive therapy and counseling sessions.

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What is Tantra Ejaculation Control?

Tantra Ejaculation control, or the Tantra Premature Ejaculation Technique, is a means of controlling your premature ejaculation by using the teachings of Tantra to delay your ejaculation.

Tantra itself is a spiritual practice originating from medieval India which teaches its practitioners to focus on the various joys and positive energies which life has to offer. One offshoot of this philosophy, the Tantra premature ejaculation technique, has to do with finding these joys during the act of lovemaking. In order to enjoy these energies to their fullest potential, followers of Tantra ejaculation control attempt to delay their sexual climax in order to build up that sexual energy. These practices result in not just longer lovemaking sessions, but explosively powerful orgasms upon climax.

But Tantra ejaculation control takes time and practice. Sadly, you can’t learn the Tantra premature ejaculation technique overnight (for immediate results, it’s best to use a herbal anti-PE supplement or an herbally-based topical ointment) Tantra ejaculation control incorporates many different elements that you’ve probably already heard as suggestions for controlling premature ejaculation, so learning the Tantra premature ejaculation technique will require you to do quite a bit of homework! But in the end, being able to control your orgasms through Tantra ejaculation control might just be worth the effort.

How To Do Tantra Climax Control Technique

Start out by controlling your breathing; this is the first step to mastering Tantra ejaculation control. You want to focus on deep, slow abdominal breathing. Make sure you inhale through your nose, out through your mouth, and that your abdomen becomes distended with air on each inhale. Even if you only practice a few minutes a day, this element of the Tantra premature ejaculation technique will help you gain control of your ejaculations.

Muscle control is also important for Tantra technique. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Kegel exercises and have maybe even practiced some testicle lifts; both of these are an important part of the Tantra premature ejaculation technique. But Tantra ejaculation control also teaches that the lower lumbar and abdominal muscles should stay relaxed during intercourse in order to effectively stave off premature ejaculation. Mastering the contraction and relaxation of these muscles at necessary moments will help you become an expert in the Tantra premature ejaculation technique.

Another step towards perfecting Tantra ejaculation control is physically stopping yourself from ejaculating. When you feel like you are about to climax, immediately stop intercourse and apply pressure to the area between your anus and scrotum with the ring, index, and middle finger of your right hand. If you press firmly enough, this aspect of the Tantra ejaculation technique will keep you from expelling semen, even if you feel like you have had an orgasm. For some men, using this element of Tantra exercise helps them maintain their erection and continue with intercourse.

Does Tantra Ejaculation Method Work?

Using the Tantra techniques will help you gain control of your sex life, but it’s proven that using the Tantra technique along with an herbal anti-PE supplement or topical ointment can dramatically amplify your results and make the overall sexual experience more enjoyable. Curious about which product to use? Take a look at our product reviews section to find out more.